The INGCO range of tools has been built from the ground up to deliver Professional Performance and Quality at an unbelievably low price. It takes Vision, Commitment and Passion to make this happen and INGCO embodies all of these qualities. In a tough economy when work needs to be done, this is a life saver. It gives you the opportunity to use the best of the best at a price you can afford.

This may mean that a contractor now runs 3 jobs instead of only one because they can now afford to buy three Industrial Rotary Hammers instead of only one. It may mean that the DIY home user can afford a Premium Industrial Tool and pay a DIY price for it. INGCO is the right tools brand for our markets and our people!

INGCO is on track to become the leading Tools Brand globally and they are doing this by delivering innovative, high technology and a High Range of quality products at the lowest prices. Grab the INGCO opportunity and experience this amazing range of truly affordable world class products!

INGCO are proud to announce that they will be Supporting a Dedicated, Hard Working, Focused and Competitive Race Car Driver, Brett Garland, through 2021.

“I have been using INGCO Tools for 3 years and the Quality is Phenomenal! I have watched the Brand grow from strength to strength with an awesome team behind their success and Excellent After-Sales Service. INGCO is a brand to be reckoned with – Professional Tools Made Affordable!

“Being backed by such a professional brand is an absolute honour.” says Brett Garland.

From the word GO, through every lap and every turn, INGCO will be there all the way!

INGCO remains focused on keeping every customer satisfied! From providing affordable professional tools to the purchase of the product to an OUTSTANDING AFTER SALES SERVICE. INGCO is there throughout the whole Journey! It is the attention to detail that sets INGCO apart from the rest of the pack. INGCO is unbeatable!

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