“Our goal is to create a legacy of creative thinking, where we develop products that help artisans of every level and ability to reach their potential, and to create business opportunities that set the “INGCO” brand apart from the competition, but most of all, to provide value for money and service to our customers.”

This is our Motto, put quite simply, ”affordable professional tools with outstanding after sales service.”

INGCO is in constant pursuit of its vision of becoming a reliable brand in South-Africa today

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INGCO Service Centres


Skillcraft Agencies (Johannesburg)

Tel: 0860 754 552

Serg Power Tools (Pretoria)

Tel: (012) 751 1203

Wynberg Industrial Supplies (Wynberg)

Tel: (011) 887 2255

Sharp-Rite (Jeppe)

Tel: (011) 624-3185

Rock Hard Hire & Tools (Trichardt)

Tel: (017) 638 0816

Sandon Trading (Rosettenville)

Tel: (011) 435 0281/2

Jagu Trading (Vanderbijlpark)

Tel: (016) 986 2984


Kwa-Zulu Natal

Bay Power Tool Repairs (Richards Bay)

Tel: (035) 789 7000

Tool & Fastening World

Tel: (031) 201 5632



Boikanyo ENG. Supplies

Tel: (+267) 241 3558

Mendel Weld

Tel: (+267) 397 1880




Tel: (015) 295 5982


Eastern Cape

Power-Tek services (Port Elizabeth)

Tel: (041) 484 3424

OH Sales (East London)

(043) 731 1565


Western Cape

Skillcraft Agencies (Cape Town)

Tel: 0860 754552

Fusion Solutions (Brackenfell)

Tel: (021) 981 1963

The Tool Man (Paarl)

Tel: (021) 872 8711

Hire Centre (Hermanus)

Tel: (028) 316 1385

Mesco (Mossel Bay)

Tel: (044) 695 0431

George Power Tool Repair (George)

Tel: (044) 874 0041

Proworx (Oudtshoorn)

Tel: (044) 272 0368

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