The INGCO brand pledges to give both the professional contractor and home DIY user a wide range of Professional Tools Made Affordable. Year after year INGCO lives up to that pledge by continuing to grow, innovate and provide YOU with more and more Professional Tools that you can afford!

There is nothing in the market at the INGCO quality and price point. INGCO is truly a Professional Tool Made Affordable and is available at stockists nationwide. INGCO is a versatile brand that includes a range of 17 Categories:

  1. Power Tools
  2. Power Tool Accessories
  3. Hand Tools
  4. 4V, 12V & 20V Cordless Tools
  5. Gardening Tools
  6. Gardening Machines
  7. Brushware
  8. Welding
  9. Water Pumps
  10. Measuring Tools
  11. Building Tools
  12. Generators
  13. Air Tools
  14. Small Construction Equipment
  15. PPE and Padlocks
  16. Mechanical Tools
  17. Electrical and Testing

Angelo Angelos, Managing Director says, “The INGCO promise of Professional Tools Made Affordable together with a steady and consistent commitment to our customers has made us a trusted partner to retailers and consumers alike. INGCO has enabled consumers nationwide to thrive, giving them access to Professional Tools at an Affordable Price. This is a Godsend in tough economic times like these when we are facing daily challenges unlike anything we have seen before.”

The innovation from INGCO is relentless and results in a living brand where the products get better and better at the most affordable prices.”